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  Here are a few comments from our customers:

You might be able to find chicken as good, but I really doubt that you'll find anything better.
- Eric Cushing, Chef and Owner - Cafe Za, Alfred, NY
Excellent! Lean, very tasty.
Makes great gravy, not greasy at all.
- Tony Graziano - Pharmacist

The best chicken I've ever had.
- Diane Davis - Nurse

Fresh, tender, flavorful, DELICIOUS ! Some of the nicest chicken I've ever seen ! 
- Elliot & Jessen Case, Owners - Kinfolk Natural Foods, Alfred, NY

Fantastic Chicken! We're sold on it!
Dr. Bill Carstens, Alfred NY

The chicken you gave us was absolutely delicious. I roasted it with the seasoning you provided and then removed the meat and made a chicken salad. The meat was juicy, tender and very flavorful. As you suggested, I stewed the carcass along with the drippings and was amazed at the amount of meat and broth I had. In fact, enough to make a soup. After stewing a carcass, I always chill overnight so the fat will come to the top and harden. I could not believe it that there was no fat to discard! What a bargain for your customers, one chicken half to provide two healthy, delicious meals (for 2 people). Thank you.
Candice Eldredge - Bird's Hollow Beef, Stanley, NY

I've never tasted chicken like this before. I'm sure it is the best chicken on earth. Not just how it was prepared or how incredible the flavor in the bird itself was (which was downright surprising) The biggest thing for me is knowing how well cared for and loved the birds are. I feel that your chickens are wholesome to the core. I'm heading in the direction of vegetarian again, but your birds are so "right," in every way, they'd be a special case in our house.
Amy Sundari Finlay

Phenomenal Chicken. Excellent flavor! It has a taste that is different from any store bought chicken and stands on its own as a roasted chicken. Don't spoil it by drowning it in some sauce, this is the kind of chicken you want to eat plain. I don't generally care for leftover chicken but this leftover chicken was so phenomenal, so moist and flavorful, that I ate all the leftovers myself. I would never have believed that one chicken could be so much different and better than average chicken. Before trying this chicken I believed that all chicken was the same, this chicken is definitely not the same old chicken. This is what I would serve to guests to impress them. It is special. And great presentation with the spices.
Mark Rawady
The chicken as soooo amazing and NO chicken, including conventional, is that good. The chicken we bring all the way back from PA isn't anywhere near that good and it's the best chicken we ever had, until now. I don't care what it costs, you have a new customer!!!!
Christina M.

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